Languages by Skype


Our company is proud to work with:

PUMA inc.
Sunstar-Solar Energy
Lavanda dating agency and site
Marksmann Safes
Trinity College, Russia
RosUpack show 2012
Corrmachinery Co. Ltd.
Geo M. Martin Co.  

The director of London Trinity College about one of the founders of E-teachers school:


“…I have been privileged to have Daria in our Staff. She did a fine job during her time at the Center. She was hardworking and diligent in executing her duties and appeared to be one of the brightest and creative teachers among our staff. Her students adored the lessons and passed examinations successfully…”


The director of Children’s Organization "Sunshine" about the English training campaign in Russia:


“…English language training campaign among different children in our organization was a success. English speaking teachers from different countries conducted interesting lessons, played games and organized concerts with children and for children. Our organization and parents would like to express our thanks to E-teachers stuff for making our children happy and hope to work with them more…”


Parents about some E-teacher school tutors:


“…Because of birth trauma my twins had speech disorders that caused bad marks at school. When Katerina started to conduct her Russian lessons Vania’s and Dima’s speech improved, they were not any longer ashamed to answer in classes and their marks got better. Now my children go to school with pleasure…”


“…I've always dreamed about my child having a foreign education and decided to hire a German tutor. Jeska taught my daughter Mary the German language and literature after school for 2 years and now Mary studies in Berlin. Our tutor was very responsible, friendly and sympathetic that gave my daughter confidence…”